Jorge Perez Ortiz

Jorge Perez Ortiz is a photographer and artist born 1988 in Valladolid, Spain. Upon completing undergraduate studies in Fine Art he proceeded to work across the media of painting and sculpture before relocating to London where he discovered his passion for storytelling through the medium of photography. In London he furthered his study at the London College of Fashion, undertaking projects that explored his curiosity for different cultures and surroundings. Returning to Spain, he worked as an art director and photographer while contouring to produce personal work and projects for publications. Jorge is currently based in Barcelona and works for brands including Loewe, Arket, Bimba&Lola, and Zara. His personal projects have seen him travel to India, Mexico and around Europe.


Instagram Takeover – Jorge Perez Ortiz

Jorge Perez Ortiz – La Caleta