Joselito Verschaeve – Close To The Sun

Close To The Sun (2019 – 2020) is a prediction of how our stubborn way of living will lead us to disaster. The work is as much of a personal project as a visual metaphor. The photographs show a rhythm between threat and fascination for an advancing situation that can be seen in the near surroundings in which we wander around as humans. The work deals with aspects of home and away, fiction and reality and the natural and distorted landscape.

The title Close to the Sun is a reference to Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and drowned in the ocean. I’ve always had a big fascination for doomsday scenarios; what could happen to mankind after a mayor event. That theme is dominant in the work, but, with that being said, the way I look at the work is tainted, it’s awfully personal, most of the images are references to family, past events or unwritable memories.

Joselito Verschaeve, born in 1996, is a photography student at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, Belgium.