Ryan Hopkinson – Midsommar

Midsommar keeps true to the landscape whilst interrupting it. Forcing unnatural and hyper-real colours into spaces, completely taking over large rocks and temporarily chroming them. Bringing studio practices to the outdoors, to control and frame nature, shaping it into an imaginative and heightened state; skewing it into an otherworldly formation to intrigue the audience.

Ryan Hopkinson is a photographer and director whose conceptual approach sits at the intersection of art, technology, nature and scientific exploration. Applying the same methodology to stills and motion projects, Ryan crafts each of his images entirely in-camera, regardless of scale or technical challenge. Through this process, a rich knowledge has been gained of tried and tested live-action manipulations, alternative material research and technical camera work.

Ryan works with diverse materials, unique objects, and large scale sets often crafted to exist only as a photograph or film, creating “temporary sculptures” that act as the stage on which his ideas can perform. He believes passionately that concepts should not be limited by their format or function, and the objects of his projects have often gone on to be given new life in the form of installations, exhibitions and window displays.

Ryan’s work has won him top spots at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, The D&AD Awards, and the Young Guns ADC Awards, amongst others. His talent has been recognised five times in the Creative Review Photography Annual.


Published 25 September 2019