Instagram Takeover – Tatum Shaw

A nude pregnant woman, her belly and breasts swollen, lies in the grass and looks up to the clouds.

Tatum Shaw’s Plusgood! takes its name from the newspeak language in George Orwell’s book, 1984. To Shaw, the act of making these images represents a desire to celebrate the absurd of the present, rather than brace for the dread of the future. In his words, ‘to seek more goodness’.

Shaw grew up in rural northwest Georgia. In 2004, he moved to Portland, Oregon to write commercials with Wieden+Kennedy for clients like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Target. He now works as a photographer and freelance copywriter, and splits his time between Portland and Atlanta. His photos have appeared in Apartamento, Oxford American, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Shaw is taking over @paperjournalmag from today until 17 June. You can follow him @tatumshaw and see more of his work at