We Love


Giulia Parlato – Diachronicles

Sadie Cornette Cook – My Breath

On August 27, between 3:04 and 7:15 pm, Sadie Cornette Cook bent over a desk in the computer lab, scanning her breath.

Imogen Freeland – Birth of a Mother

In her series, 'Birth of a Mother', photographer Imogen Freeland documents an intimate, first-hand portrayal of newfound, unexpected motherhood.

Patrick Bienert – East End of Europe

Patrick Bienert travels to Georgia, the edge of Europe, to try and find an answer to the question of what Europe truly is.

Peter Milne – Juvenilia

Gucci #accidentalinfluencer

Gucci’s latest digital campaign, #accidentalinfluencer, is an equal parts amusing and thought-provoking take on uniformity and imitation.

Tianxi Wang – So Long and Thanks for All the Fish 再见,谢谢所有的鱼

When Tianxi Wang was suddenly forced to move back to China, he found a new life on the banks of the river Hai, taking daily walks and documenting the sense of calm relaxation.

Shane Lavalette – New Monuments

Shane Lavalett'es 'New Monuments' was photographed in 2015 while working as a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome, Italy.

Shaun Pierson – Alvine Road

Shaun Pierson's 'Alvine Road' loosely recreates childhood memories with his immediate family members as subjects in locations from his youth.

Shelli Weiler – ENJOY house

Shelli Weiler's 'ENJOY house' presents forms of escapist amusement as hostile and uninhabitable environments.

The Real Thing

Born on the black market, bootlegging has become a way to express oneself not only stylistically, but politically, to the extent of forming communities.

Jeano Edwards – Familiar Strangers

Brooklyn-based photographer Jeano Edwards feels himself drawn back to Jamaica from his home in the US to better understand his dual identity.

Middlesex University Presents: Masculinities

Middlesex University’s Fashion Styling and Communications department seeks to unpick and redefine masculinity by exploring it’s plethora of avenues through art.

Michele Vittori – Telepath

Michele Vittori's 'Telepath' takes him to the Fucino Teleport, Italy and the archives of Pisa University to imagine a world between reality and perception.

Now Look Here – The African Art of Appearance

White becomes black, stigma becomes beauty, a skivvy turns out to be a high priestess, and apparent footnotes to history are revealed as prominent figures.

Chaumont-Zaerpour – Things People Wear in Kenya

Kenya is a country with a young population, full of would-be consumers. Chaumont-Zaerpour’s 'Things People Wear in Kenya' is a photographic study of fashion as lived, worn, produced and consumed there.

Peter Funch – The Imperfect Atlas

Peter Funch's 'The Imperfect Atlas' addresses the passage of time and man’s continued and evolving effects on the environment through tri-color separations.

Bowei Yang – Soft Thorn

Bowei Yang's 'Soft Thorn' documents LGBTQI teenagers living in China and attempts to question their self-identity and awareness.