Alexander Norton

Alexander Norton is an artist working with various mediums. She works with notions of existing in human spaces through Performance, Photography, Every day Sculpture, Illustration, Poetry, Curation, Experimental Music and Comedy. She aims to create a tension with her work to focus on small details that claim the mundane as fascinating and important. She runs and curates Künstler, Künstlerin, a platform for artists to make money from their art and develop their work without fear of failure


Four Statements: Casey Wilson

Jordan Tate – Gamut Warning

Barry Stone – Darkside of the Rainbow

Daniel Shea – Blisner, Il

Visual Indications: Adam Schreiber

Alexi Hobbs – Elated

Florian Braakman – Collisions

Luke Boland – What we’ve Made

Amy Touchette – Borrowed

We’re Not Ready Yet: Jiajia Zhang

Thomas Prior – A Gentle Act of Violence

Nothings Happening – Alexander Norton