Instagram Takeovers

Instagram Takeover – Caleb Stein

Caleb Stein is a multi-media artist with an emphasis on photography and its relationship to memory. His work explores communities and the dynamic, energetic interactions that take place within them.

Instagram Takeover – Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Meyerowitz' 'Provincetown' collects one hundred portraits, most never before published, bringing viewers into an idyllic world of self-styled individualism.

Instagram Takeover – Tania Franco Klein

Tania Franco Klein brings her dreamy cinematic vision to the Paper Journal Instagram account in this week's takeover.

Instagram Takeover – Kata Geibl

Taking its title from the enigmatic and mystical biblical book of Ecclesiastes, Kata Geibl's ongoing series 'There is nothing new under the sun' links our contemporary philosophical debates on progress to those of over two millennia ago.

Instagram Takeover – Charlotte James & Clémentine Schneidermann

Creative director Charlotte James & photographer Clémentine Schneidermann are showing pictures from their celebrated series 'It's Called Ffasiwn'.

Instagram Takeover – Sofie Kjørum Austlid

Sofie Kjørum Austlid has spent years working and travelling between cities, amidst this movement, she finds a need to ground herself through her work: to find a real connecting to the people and places with which she surrounds herself.

Instagram Takeover – Laura Pannack

Three nudists sit and play board game.

Laura Pannack seeks to fully understand the lives of those she captures on film, perceiving 'time, trust and understanding' to be key to this work.

Instagram Takeover – Max Miechowski

Max Miechowski's interest in our individual sense of identity has inspired him to engage with and photograph the communities directly around him, resulting in an intimate and self reflective practise.

Instagram Takeover – Matthew Connors

A jacket, printed with Bernie Sanders' face, is unzipped to reveal a t shirt printed with Bernie Sanders' face.

Matthew Connors is documenting the 'hypernormal state of affairs' we have found ourselves in. Photographing protests, strikes, and riots around the world.

Instagram Takeover – Steph Wilson

Steph Wilson's portfolio of fashion and fine art photography focuses on subverting fashion industry stereotypes, celebrating body positivity and the societal complexities of sexually liberated women.

Instagram Takeover – Alex Huanfa Cheng

Alex Huanfa Cheng's photographic practice takes him from the world at large into his family bed. Born in Hubei, China Cheng now lives in Paris after coming to France in 2012 to study contemporary photography.

Instagram Takeover – Guillaume Simoneau

Guillaume Simoneau was about four years old when his father accidentally chopped down a tree that housed a nest full of baby crows. 'Murder', is his personal and intimate series recalling that moment, and Masahisa Fukase's 'Ravens'.

Instagram Takeover – Sarah Blais

Sarah Blais’ photography explores the beauty of uncanny details and subtle tensions, alternating between quiet solitude and joyful enthusiasm.

Instagram Takeover – Dimitriy Levdanski

Dimitriy Levdanski accentuates his analogue skills with digital manipulation, creating new stories through photomontage, and constructing alternative histories that touch on issues of identity, and immigration.

Instagram Takeover – Sophie Green

Sophie Green's documentary practice focuses often-unseen communities, working closely with her subjects to capture their idiosyncrasies, yet remaining respectful to their practices and identities.

Instagram Takeover – Guen Fiore

Guen Fiore's photographs of people at repose and play bring together gesture and gaze to create subtle portraits imbued with humanity and personality.

Instagram Takeover – Taylor Johnson

A young girl boxer straddles a chair and rolls her eyes as someone adjusts her tape.

While boxers may be brought together by violence, Johnson depicts them at rest; in the changing rooms, after fights, and at play - long after the dust has settled.

Instagram Takeover – Jess Gough

The swirling maelstrom of the ocean.

Jess Gough's ongoing project 'Topographies' describes the forces operating beyond our control and changes occurring just outside the limits of perception.